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About us

XIAMEN SMT IMP.&EXP CO.,LTD.is the authorized import and export company of QUANZHOU NEW HAINENG MACHINERY CO. LTD. It has more than 20 years of experience in exporting stone machinery.    

QUANZHOU NEW HAINENG MACHINERY CO. LTD is located in Fujan Province,Fujian brand-Jinjang. The company is located in jinjang city, fiveli industrial zone with convenient transportation. Is a collection design, manufacture, sales, service as one of the professional stone machinery supplier, the company has a professional team engaged in the industry for more than 20 years, strong technical strength, product quality, first-class service level.

From the beginning to now, we always guarantee product quality, from raw material sourcing products, spare parts processing, heat treatment, until you reach the assembly plant, every component, every process are subject to stringent testing and inspection, the unqualified and defective products nipped in the bud, every product in the factory have to go through strict test, all indicators have reached the corporate and standards and industry standards, and higher than before entering the market after the requirements to ensure that product manufactured passing rate of 100%.

The company has to introduced market-oriented products are: infrared bridge (series) stone cutting machine , infrared bridge in hydraulic cutting machine, hydraulic combination bridge stone cutting machine, micro profilings railings, microcomputer profiling lines, grantry milling(line) machine, automatic molding lines, automatic mill, automatic fire board machine,the base is flat machine,shaving machine,more than 10 blocks balance different types of series equipment, for the needs of different users choose.

We always adhere to service-oriented, first-class reputation as a cornerstone of policy and principle, under the new and old customers long-term care and support, the company's products and service quality always walk in the forefront of the industry, praised by users, the product in short supply.

You can choose the HaiNeng, which means that you choose a good partner worthy. of your truct forever. We will continuously provide new and old customers more and better services to help your business booming. has made more brilliant achievements!

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