Manual Stone Polishing Machine

The machine adopts a cylinder as the lifting guide and sliding surface, and the automatic lifting is stable. The main engine has two types of single and double speeds. It is used for surface grinding and polishing of stone slabs, tombstones, parquet stones, etc. whose thickness changes frequently. It can be equipped with a workbench to grind the inner and outer arc craft stone.

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Product Introduction

Manual Stone Polishing Machine uses round column as its guide slip surface for steady automatic lifting up and down.The main drive has two kinds:single speed and double speeds.The machine is applicable to plane grinding and polishing of slabs with greatly various thickness,tombstones,and stone with design.The worktable can be selected for grinding crafts camber inside and outside.

A. Install a polishing plate to polish the surface of the stone.

B. Litchi surface can be processed on the plate surface by installing litchi surface.

Manual Stone Polishing Machine

Technical Parameters

Manual Stone Polishing Machine




Main motor power



Gyro radius



Range of vertical stroke



Grinding wheel diameter



Water consumption



Dimension   (L×W×H)



Total weight



Manual Stone Polishing Machine

Worktable can optional

Manual Stone Polishing Machine

Milling Plate can optional


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