At present, the machinery for stone quarry( mining) mainly include circular saws, diamond bead wire saws, and chain saws.

    These three types of equipment have their own advantages and advantages. These three types of equipment are not mutually exclusive. It is hoped that according to the characteristics of their respective mines, appropriate equipment or equipment combinations will be selected to give full play to the advantages and advantages of the selected equipment and avoid the shortcomings of the equipment. The effect of 1+1>2 is formed, and stone mining can be carried out safely, quickly, efficiently, with high quality and economy.

  • Stone quarry wire cutting machine
    Diamond Wire Saw For Stone Quarry
    This kind of machine is available for cutting at anydirection:horizontal,vertical and acclivitous, is suitable for quarry to mine large specification and regular blocks,such as marblegranite,quartzite,basalt etc. also good for bridgereinforced concrete and other construction cutting. It with high efficiency, cutting current are automatic controlled, Famous international components,Easy operation and very low cost for maintenance.
  • Quarry stone cutting machine
    Double Blades Mining Machine
    This machine is improved on the basis of the original double mining machine. The main shaft is lifted and lowered using four cylinders as guide rails, and the hydraulic cylinder is used to lift and lower. The main advantages are: small clearance, less wear, no vibration, stable structure of the whole machine, and high cutting precision Improve the service life of the cutter head. The cylindrical guide rail is fully enclosed and protected to ensure that the guide rail pollution is reduced. With the special lubrication system, it is beneficial to improve the service life and utilization rate of the machine, and reduce the number of maintenance and costs. It is a comprehensive benefit. Significantly improved mining and quarrying machinery.
  • Chain saw wheel loader-Quarry chain saw
    Chain Saw For Wheel Loader
    This chain saw is composed of a cutting system mounted on a wheel loader. The machine is self-contained, quickly moving and positioning in front of the block or to the bench to be cut. There is no need to prepare an area reserved to the squaring of the blocks in the quarry, as the machine can easily and quickly reach the blocks to be cut. It can work in dry conditions, without using any water to cool the cutting tools. The operator can use a wireless control for all the functions of the machine, which can be used either inside the heated/air-conditioned control cabin or outside the machine.
  • Quarry Chain Saw For Crawler
    Chain Saw For Crawler
    Chain saw for crawler is the enhanced one of orbital-type chain saw, the biggest characteristic of the machine is equipped with a pedrail walking itself, moving conveniently and flexibly.
  • Stone Chain Saw-Quarry stone machine
    Rail Type Quarry Chain Saw
    The rail type quarry chain saw machine is the most basic and popular model in the world, its rails are placed on the surface of mining or body, and the rails are used alternately. Dry cuts, no water supply required. The products are referred to Italy mainstream manufacturers’design, reasonable layout and structure, convenient operation.
  • Tunnel Chain Saw Machine
    Tunnel Chain Saw Machine
    This chain saw designed to open and develop underground mines of marble and of similar stone materials. Underground mining development is becoming a more and more common practice in many marble quarry operations. This method is often considered preferable to the open pit quarrying in terms of production optimization, efficiency, safety and environment preservation. The machine is mounted on a crawler and it can move easily and autonomously inside the tunnel. The machine is configured as shown in the next figures to reduce the overall dimensions and to move over slopes up to 25%. All the movements of the crawler and the positioning devices of the machine are made possible by an on-board “power pack” unit equipped with a diesel engine. During the cutting operation, the machine should be simply connected to the  power line through cable and on-board plug. All the functions are controlled by means of a remote control board without cable and of a touch-screen panel. This machine is compact for tunnel mining work. By setting the cutting depth in automatic mode, the machine can make vertical and horizontal cuts on the tunnel face. This is self-propelled on crawler tracks and moves completely autonomously. Only one operator is required to operate the machine. This model can run cuts as deep as 1.7 meters.
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