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Bridge stone cutting machine maintenance
September 17 , 2021

The oil sump of the rack support at both ends of the bridge-type stone cutting machine body should maintain the seal and the height of the oil level. The V-shaped guide rail and the knife rack in the oil tank of the bed should also maintain the oil level. If the oil deteriorates or water enters, the oil should be changed in time. The manual pump of the lifting round guide lubrication system should be filled with 30# mechanical oil and be oiled at least once per shift. Always observe the oil level of the machine bed moving the speed reducer back and forth, the tool speed reducer and the oil window of the spindle, and change the oil at least once a year.

Lubricating oil or grease must be added to each lubrication point of the turning shaft of the turning table, the turning cylinder support, the piston rod support shaft, and the rotary gear transmission mechanism of the working table. At the end of the work, the workbench must be raised so that the turning mechanism can be moved once to avoid rusting, and it is helpful for the water on the workbench to dry and prevent the wooden boards on it from decay.

Button box and electrical appliances

The button box that controls the turning and rotation of the workbench will inevitably be splashed with water when cutting the sheet. Over time, it will cause the button contacts to rust. Frequent inspections should be performed to remove the rusty spots. This equipment uses 18 miniature relays in the PLC control system. The contact capacity is small and the action is frequent, which causes the relay to often have poor contact, so it must be inspected or replaced in time. As long as the replaced relays are disassembled and lightly polished the contacts, they can generally be restored to use. The plug of each solenoid valve will also have loose contact and poor contact failure, which must also be reproduced.

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