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Bridge Single Blade Stone Cutting Machine

The bridge type single blade saw has a simple and reasonable structure and high stability. It adopts hydraulic sliding plate to lift, which has the characteristics of fast lifting speed, anti-wear, not easy to deform, and easy to maintain.

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Bridge Single Blade Stone Cutting Machine is simple structure, small footprint, lifting system with hydraulic drive up and down the knife, more rapid, stable, long life, easy maintenance. Stone processing enterprises greatly improve production efficiency,but also reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.

The slick-lifting plate and guide rail pillar, trolley rotated by manually rotating and hydraulic auto-rotate for users to choose. This machine is mainly used in cutting thick blocks, especially for processing thickness blocks in 750-950 below, is the ideal device small and medium scale stone processing enterprise.

Technical Parameters

Bridge Single Blade Stone Cutting Machine





Blade diameter




Max.cutting length




Size of trolley




Power of main motor




Bridge Single Blade Stone Cutting Machine


Bridge Single Blade Stone Cutting Machine

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