Stone machinery has entered the era of numerical control and is in line with international standards Sep 17, 2021

The current era is already numerical control, among which numerical control has four major characteristics, namely, intelligent, electronic, global, and non-group. Automated unmanned face mining is the development direction of underground or dangerous environment mining, and it is also an effective way to ensure safe mining of working faces. Comprehensive use of mining, automation technology, communication technology, computer science and technology, etc., carry out basic theoretical research on automated unmanned face mining and develop new technologies and new equipment, so thatstone machinerywill develop towards robotization and intelligence. At present, many industries have entered numerical control. Of course, the stone machinery industry must keep pace with the development of the times and gradually develop in the direction of intelligence, so that it can continue to be in line with international standards and the level of social development.

The development ofstone machineryis closely related to human technological progress, modern science and technology and the overall industrial level, especially the development of mechanical engineering science and mining disciplines. The frontiers of modern science and technology have obvious time domain, domain and dynamic characteristics. Information science, material science, life science, nanoscience, management science, and manufacturing science are the mainstream sciences that will change the 21st century. The resulting high-tech and its industries will change the world. The cross integration between different sciences will produce new scientific focus, and economic development and social progress will have new requirements and expectations for stone machinery. The general trend of the development of mechanical engineering science will be digitization, intelligence, precision, miniaturization, life and ecology. As a branch of mechanical engineering discipline,stone machineryalso follows this general trend of development. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of the mining industry, its development trend is digital, intelligent, ecological and pleasant. Thestone machinerymanufacturing industry should continuously integrate the good achievements of mankind in various fields, face the major needs of national economic construction, and realize sustainable development under the guidance of the scientific development concept.

There is still a gap between the overall level of China'sstone machineryand the international advanced level. Opportunities and challenges coexist in the journey to become a powerful country instone machinerymanufacturing. Product design is the soul of manufacturing. Product structure, function, quality, cost, delivery time, manufacturability, maintainability, post-recycling, and the relationship between man, machine and environment, etc., are in principle in the product design stage decided. The ability of product innovation and design has become the primary factor determining the position of an enterprise in global competition.

Stone machineryis equipment with high technical content and integration. In the development of new equipment, the achievements of human beings in various fields are continuously integrated. With the progress of material science, manufacturing technology, information technology, and computer technology, every round of products has With the injection of new technology, the replacement cycle of components is getting shorter and shorter, and the replacement of new equipment is getting faster and faster, especially the development of large-scalestone machinery. There is no mature experience to learn from, and no mistakes in the design are allowed. Therefore, it must With the help of the integration of multidisciplinary technologies, design efficiency and design quality will be improved, and the independent innovation capability and market competitiveness of enterprises will be enhanced. On the basis of the integration of stone machinery, computer technology, and network technology, a digital development trend has been formed.

With social progress and the development of the national economy, mankind has an increasing demand for resources and energy, and China is a relatively resource-poor country. With the development of resources, the mining depth has gradually increased, extending from land to sea, resource mining conditions have deteriorated, and the situation of safe mining has become more and more serious; China's coal mining depth has reached 1,000m, the concentration of metal ore has reached 1380m, and the mining depth of ore deposits has increased. , Groundwater, gas, high ground stress, and geological structure greatly increase the difficulty of resource extraction.

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