The 23rd China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition May 25, 2023

The 23rd China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition (referred to as "Xiamen International Stone Exhibition") will open in Xiamen from June 5th to 8th. Over the years, it has been the world's largest professional exhibition. Gathering people from all over the world, sharing the banquet of the stone industry, exploring the new direction of the industry's development, and opening up a wider blue ocean for the development of the industry.
We participated in this exhibition and will show some of our new products:
Thin stone veneer saw , Granite polishing machine , Five-Axis mono-block bridge saw, Stone block cutting machine and others.
1.Thin stone veneer saw is a specialized piece of equipment used to cut thin pieces of natural or manufactured stone. Thin stone veneer saws are commonly used in the construction and remodeling industries, as well as in the production of decorative stone products.

2.Granite polishing machine is a tool used in the stone fabrication process to polish and refine the surface of granite slabs and tiles. Using multiple polished heads, more efficiency and better effect, greatly saving artificially.

3. Five -axis mono-block bridge saw is a machine used in the stone industry to cut and shape stone blocks into finished products such as countertop, flooring, and decorative pieces.This type of machine is highly automated, with computer-controlled programming that allows for precise and efficient cutting.

4. Stone block cutting machine is a machine designed to cut and shape blocks of stone, such as marble, granite, or sandstone into specific sizes, shapes, and designs. They can be operated manually or automatically, and come in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet different production needs.

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